Call for Paper


ขอบเขตของการประชุมประกอบด้วยสาขาวิชาต่าง ๆ ดังนี้

Data Science and Machine Learning

Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Systems, Hybrid Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Transfer, Decision Support, Recommender Systems, Text Mining, Web Mining, Big Data, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing

Data Network and Communication

Computer Network, Security & Forensic, Wireless & Sensor Network, Telecommunication, Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Cloud & Grid Computing, Decentralized computing, P2P networks, P2P protocols, Semantic P2P networks, and Internet of Things

Human-Computer Interface and Image Processing

Human Machine Interface, User Customization, Embedded Computation, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Feature detection, Medical image processing, Facial recognition and New Media

Information Technology and System Engineering

Knowledge Management, Web Application, Web Service, Management Information System, Customer Relation Management, Ontology, Semantic Web and Enterprise Resource Planning, and Software engineering

Learning Science

Web-based Learning, Mobile Learning, E-Learning, Intelligent E-Learning Systems, Interactive E-Learning Systems, Distance Learning, Life-long Learning , Innovative Pedagogies, Active learning, Project Based Learning and Engineering Education and Knowledge Management in E-Learning

เอกสาร Call for Paper

Call for Paper (ภาษาไทย)