18-19 May, 2023


250 Persons

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The 19th National Conference on Computing and Information Technology takes place at a time of rapid and unprecedented change that have long since rendered trusty benchmarks like Moore’s law irrelevant. To quote best-selling author and engineer Christopher Steiner, “algorithms have already written symphonies as moving as Beethoven, picker through legalese with the deftness of a senior lawyer and written news articles with the smooth hand of seasoned reporter”. Indeed, it may not be long before an algorithm joins the Board of a venture capital firm (outperforming its humanoid peers, naturally). Key the many of these achievements stem from research in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and image processing among others that have already delivered solutions to complex user and societal problems: helping architects design environmentally sustainable, structurally challenging and aesthetically interesting buildings; allowing scientists to split atoms and categorize human genomes; and enabling engineers to 3D print autonomous cars to name but a few. Such advances mirror changing economies, increasingly dominated by globalization and coopetition where constant high speed innovation is now the only strategy that matters.

The NCCIT2023 will be organized by King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB), Council of IT Deans of Thailand (CITT) and partner institutions from Thailand and abroad.

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Paper Submission Deadline 10 March, 2023
30 January, 2023
Decision Notification: 10 February – 13 March, 2023
Camera Ready Version: 28 February – 15 March, 2023
Advanced Registration: 27 March, 2023

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